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About Us

Chateau Amor - A Loving Place

is a customizable, curated senior day care experience for loved ones aged 50 and older.  This unique center is in the historic Edgewood neighborhood and serves seniors across metro Atlanta.

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Note to Caretaker Family Members, Guardians or Trustees

Ongoing involvement of caretaker family members, guardians or trustees is essential. Caretakers are encouraged to attend special activities and events, caregiver classes and support group meetings. 

Our Services

Our Social Medical Model Adult Day Health Service – sometimes called Adult Day Services or abbreviated ADC or ADS by Medicaid – provides non-medical supervision. Our focus is on maintaining health through recreational and social activities and nutritious meals.

Front view of an active senior African American man performing yoga in the backyard of home


Chateau Amor is open to people over the age of 50 regardless of religion, race, color, sex, or national origin. Clients should be continent of their bowels and bladders and be able to attend to bathroom needs with staff supervision.


Old world charms with modern luxuries. Catch a glimpse inside of Chateau Amor