A huge starting point for individuals who always find themselves saying, “I have nothing to wear!” We’ll revamp your closet, showing you how to better use the clothing you own.

Closet Audit & Wardrobe Detox

Closet Audit & Wardrobe Detox takes places in the coziness of your own home. The session starts with a style consultation to discuss your wardrobe and style goals. Together we review, edit and organize your clothes, shoes and accessories to distinguish what needs updating or no longer fits.


Your clothes will be organized into three piles – “keep”, “replace” and “sell”. Throughout the appointment, your style advisor will compile a concise shopping list of missing key items to complete your wardrobe. We then makes new looks from clothes you already own and identifies pieces that can be refreshed by tailoring. We can cover every aspect of dressing – from workwear, weekends, evenings to holiday wear.

What is included:
Item 1

Wardrobe review and declutter.

Item 2

Learn how to create impactful outfits & accessorize.

Item 3

A style consultation where you learn what works for your body, current lifestyle and future lifestyle.

Item 4

Learn how to create & maintain a capsule wardrobe.

Item 5

Show you how to get more bang for your buck out of your wardrobe. How to create at least 3 different looks from one outfit.

Item 6

Show you new outfits you haven't worn before by 'shopping your wardrobe'.

Item 7

Advice on aftercare and the storage of your clothes.


CLOSET AUDIT & WARDROBE DETOX Home Visit (3-4 hours) costs $950.

The session is designed to cover a standard size wardrobe. If you have a large or walk-in wardrobe that requires more time, when you book your initial consultation to discuss a bespoke package.


For sessions outside of central Atlanta, a travel cost will apply.


Gift Vouchers are available. Contact us by email for more information.

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