Do you know what you want, but just can’t seem to find it? Or do you dread going shopping or have no time? Maybe you need a gift for someone but don’t know where to find it?


Julian Rashard Lark will assess your needs in the consultation and go shopping for you.


Julian Rashard Lark brings the items to the comfort of your own home, you select what you want, and he returns the rest.


After the closet audit, we curate a personal wardrobe that meets your needs for each area of your life—delivered to you for a private or virtual fitting.


The Lark Experience bespoke personal shopping service is the ultimate luxury shopping experience. We offer expert and knowledgeable assistance tailored to your individual request whether you are looking for the perfect gift, an outfit for an upcoming event or a first glimpse of new season collections. Services include one-to-one, telephone consultations and private home viewing which will enable you to shop your favorite brands at your preferred location and time.

Book an appointment

Book an appointment with our fashion stylist and they will present an impeccable edit, especially for you, while providing expert advice on styling and accessorizing.

After we have completed a style consultation, I create a list of clothing items that we need to complete your wardrobe. The goal of personal shopping is to make sure you look good and have a complete wardrobe. We want you to feel confident and stylish every time you leave your home.

Robin Givens Styled By Julian Rashard Lark For Kontrol Magazine and The Julian Rashard Group

FAQ On Personal Shopping

If we are shopping for one outfit or a certain garment, you can spend less than $1000. If you are looking to remodel your wardrobe, anything less than $1,000 is inefficient. $1,500 – $5000 is best to for a new core wardrobe. Another way to look at it, on average, a quality garment costs $125. This average takes into account more expensive items like jeans, silks, coats, and boots as well as less expensive garments and sale items. For clients with high-end interest or suit needs, a larger budget is needed.


 I no longer work with very tight budgets, but I can most definitely refer you to a personal stylist that does. She works differently than me, but she is a delight. Simply contact me and I will send you, her information.

I like to do multiple (2-3) 1.5-3-hour sessions, versus longer sessions, for a more energized and enjoyable experience.  I find people get very tired after 2 hours. It is also nice to go home and let the first round of purchases settle in. We generally do 3-6 stores per session.

Unless shopping for one specific event, most everyone needs two shopping sessions. After that, clients tend to book another shopping session for the next season. Once their summer and winter wardrobe is covered, clients bring me in about once a year or every other year for updates, events or personal changes.

I can shop without you in physical stores or shop online and then we try on the purchases at your home or office. I purchase all items weather in store or online with your credit card. I return the items we decide against. Keep in mind, if we go over our allotted shopping days for me to return items to their respective stores you will be invoiced for that time as well.


Absolutely. After the consultation, I will understand my client’s personal style and shopping needs. My greatest skill is my ability to read my clients, even when communication is not their forte. Once we have discussed the items my client needs and the schedule in which they need it, I become more of a personal shopper, versus a teacher.

Throughout the process I constantly discuss why we say yes to some garments and why we don’t. We are always pointing out the pros and cons of the items we try on and I am happy to answer all shopping and style questions you may have.

Yes. Once we receive your wardrobe deposit and you’ve submitted your signed quote and contract, we will begin shopping for your fitting. Services cancelled any time after this will still be charged for all previously agreed upon shopping-fees. If you would like to switch your fitting to another day once shopping has begun, you have a 3-week window to reschedule at no additional charge.


$750 Half Day or $1,500 Full Day

Let us help you!

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