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Elevating Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Businesses into Luxury Brands


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Kontrol Jr. Stylist & Graduation

The Kontrol Academy

Learn the secrets to harnessing the power of luxury branding to elevate your business

Harness the power of building and branding to elevate your business and unlock your brand's greatest potential.

Who is this course for?



Solopreneurs and small business owners that want to transform their business into more than just a business but a brand centered on purpose and culture


small business

Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle business that primarily sell products and services

Angela Simmons Styled By Julian Rashard Lark


Positive business that want to make a their business expand past just one sector 

Online Masterclass Overview

  • Welcome to The Kontrol Academy!
  • Download Study Guide (Worksheet)
  • How to use this course
  • Copyright & Disclaimer

  • Setting up your business
  • Building Business Credit
  • Tools every entrepreneur needs
  • How to create mood and inspiration boards and develop your eye
  • How to request samples from showrooms
  • How to negotiate your rates and work with your styling budget

  • Follow on-set etiquette so you’ll look like a pro
  • Always arrive on set on-time and totally prepared
  • Learn how to record and submit fashion editorial credits properly
  • Navigate on-set politics and use proper terminology when you’re working
  • Perfectly organize and pack up once the shoot is over

  • The best system for checking in returns without the headache
  • What you need to know about official industry policies, how to invoice your clients and how to handle all the paperwork that is involved in working as a freelance artist
  • Manage your receipts and submit your expenses as a stylist.

  • Our top tips for success in the industry
  • The 10 biggest mistakes that could end your career as a stylist, and how to avoid them.
  • The best networking techniques to advance your career.
  • What you need to know about building your book and how to start.
  • How to land recurring clients as a stylist.



Class Dates:

September 13, 2021 – April 18, 2022


Registration Deadline:

October 18, 2021 


$ 550
  • Sign up for Our 4 month Installment Plan
  • 8 Month Kontrol Academy Mentorship Program
  • Becoming A Credit & Published Wardrobe Stylist
  • Branding & Marketing Knowledge For Launching A Brand & Business
  • A Celebrity & Editorial Stylist Portfolio


$ 2,200
  • one time Full payment
  • 8 Month Kontrol Academy Mentorship Program
  • Becoming A Credit & Published Wardrobe Stylist
  • Branding & Marketing Knowledge For Launching A Brand & Business
  • A Celebrity & Editorial Stylist Portfolio

Kontrol Academy FAQ'S

For The Julian Rashard Group and Kontrol Magazine

The Kontrol Academy FAQ’s

Kontrol Academy Model methodology 

Each student walks away with a fashion portfolio, as a published wardrobe stylist, as a celebrity wardrobe stylist, knowing how to launch their business and brand and much more.

No, not for the first four months of the course. Both sections are designed to give you the freedom to move freely with your normal work or day to day schedules and not interrupt. For the second half of the session being in Atlanta is key because you will be building your portfolio and resume as a fashion stylist.

No, The Kontrol Academy is not a design or a style course but rather a branding and styling masterclass presentation which gives a brief overview of some of the most powerful secrets that make brands what they are, and how to apply The Kontrol Model to your business so you can transform your business into a  brand with confidence. However, we do discuss the importance of a  brand's identity which goes far beyond the visual identity. This course will be a pre-requisite for any branding related courses as it is essential to understand what a brand is before creating a brand strategy and visual identity. So be on the lookout for upcoming branding course series. This is just the beginning!

Although this course was designed specifically for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands, it can still be relevant and helpful for any business that wants to grow into a brand. The examples given are mostly for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle businesses selling online, however The Kontrol Academy Model methodology taught in this class can be applied to any business wanting to harness the power of branding. As an example, The Kontrol Brand Academy (an educational digital product based business) and Julian Rashard Group Creative Agency (a consulting and creative services business) both utilize The Kontrol Model that target a niche luxury audience.

No, not at this time. Both sections is exclusive to students that purchase and enroll in the program and unfortunately the sections don’t work separately. The online course is meant to accompany the on set course and gives our students a special experience outside of the digital classroom.

No, but thanks for asking! Due to the mix of digital & on hand nature of our learning materials, all courses on The Kontrol Brand Academy are non-refundable. We spend a lot of time designing each course thoughtfully and intentionally to bring you the best learning experience we can offer. Please review the course curriculum and description before enrolling. Many times there are free preview lessons you can view to help you decide whether the course is right for you. If you are still unsure about the course, please email us at . All physical products such as books and accessories are also non-refundable.