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The 8-month Fashion Mentorship Training Certification Program is an intense image, fashion, and style training course designed to meet the needs of individuals and professionals with entrepreneur lifestyles. Let us help you make an impact in this industry or various industries by developing an influential and unique personal brand.  Our goal is to train quality, not quantity to ensure that our students receive personalized attention. During this program, students will acquire the following skills and more:

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Our graduates

 are educated toward positioning themselves as experts and style icons. Graduates not only learn the theories behind perfecting image and style, but they also acquire invaluable business and marketing skills to strategically position themselves within their chosen markets.

Kontrol Magazine Fashion Mentorship Program Certified Fashion Consultants are here to utilize our industry-proven, personal style evaluation tools to push you to the top.



Our publisher/head stylist and trainers are skilled in management consulting and executive coaching. Therefore, our fashion mentorship training program is designed to help each of our trainees: identify their niche market; develop and customize unique business strategies; and create an action-oriented business plan. Through our exceptional and creative business development training, you will learn how to sell your services in today’s digital driven marketplace, set fees, and map out your marketing plan and objectives. You will also learn how to create a professional fashion bio, develop engaging social media pages, start a blog and become a blogger to effectively market and sell your personal brand.

Julian Rashard Lark CEO of The Julian Rashard Group

Masterclass Overview

Harness the power of luxury branding to elevate your business and unlock your brand’s greatest potential.

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