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Our 8-month Branding Mentorship Training Course is crafted with premier U.S. educational fashion standards and offered in the fashion forward and culturally diverse city —Atlanta Georgia. During this monthly immersive learning experience, students will be inspired and energized by the creative buzz and cutting-edge art and design surrounding them.


Atlanta, Georgia is a global nexus of luxury and fashion and a perfect mecca for building and launching your own brand. This city is where many of today’s up and coming fashion industry talents are making their mark. Come learn with us the methods we use and ultimately get your feet pointing towards a successful career in fashion!

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Kontrol Magazine

 is at the forefront of Black style, glamour and innovation. The Kontrol Magazine Fashion Mentorship Program (KMFMP) offers an unparalleled educational experience in Atlanta, Georgia that will show you firsthand, how fashion ideas take root and how style trends are defined.

Pulling and shopping excursions will take you to the forefront of styling red carpet events, clients, editorial photoshoots and beyond. You’ll also have the opportunity to engage in firsthand experience connecting with editors, photographers, designers, showroom curators and indie designer-filled boutiques. KMFMP based in Atlanta is a learning experience that is designed to be savored and enjoyed, and successful completion is an invaluable asset to anyone with dreams of working in the fast-paced fashion industry.


If you are interested in receiving real hands on fashion industry experience, choose KMFMP as your starting point to your success. If you love fashion and want to learn from the best, let KMFMP show you the endless possibilities that a career as a Fashion Stylist can bring!

Upon successful completion of the first 4 months of the program, you will be certified as a Jr. Kontrol Magazine Wardrobe Stylist and will begin the unparalleled opportunity of building a Top-Notch fashion styling portfolio.


The 8-month Fashion Mentorship Training Certification Program is an intense image, fashion, and style training course designed to meet the needs of individuals and professionals with entrepreneur lifestyles. Let us help you make an impact in this industry or various industries by developing an influential and unique personal brand.  Our goal is to train quality, not quantity to ensure that our students receive personalized attention. During this program, students will acquire the following skills and more: 

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